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MobileGeddon – The Effects So Far and the Impact on SEO

The first thing on Google’s ten sacred truths is the need to focus on the user. Google domination relies on giving users the most relevant and timely results. Today, many people access the Internet on mobile devices. Google confirmed this by an announcement that Google searches on mobile had exceeded the desktop searches in ten countries.
Among the ten countries were USA and Japan. Naturally, Google’s algorithms have adapted to this trend. Starting April 21, mobile-friendliness is now a crucial ranking signal. Web sites that were mobile optimized were expected to rank higher than unoptimized sites.
Marketers nicknamed the April 21 update, the MobileGeddon. There were fears of a significant shift in the way websites are ranked in the search engines. Internet marketers were concerned about losing traffic to their sites if Google judged them as mobile unfriendly. Webmasters and marketers waited with bated breath to see the effects of MobileGeddon.
It is important to note that MobileGeddon was expected to:
  • Affect search rankings on mobile devices only
  • Affect Google search results in all languages
  • Apply to individual URLs and not entire websites
  • Affect mobile applications
Effects of MobileGeddon So Far
In the aftermath of the update, some businesses with un-optimized web pages lost search traffic. Consequently, for some searches, individual websites tend to rank higher in mobile device searches than they usually ranked in desktop searches. This could be the case because some of the websites that ranked higher in a desktop search may not have been mobile-friendly.
The expected tornado has however been described as a mere drizzle. On April 22, there was a lot of tension among web owners. It was an acknowledged fact that some websites, including a percentage of Fortune 500 companies websites, were not mobile-friendly. Two weeks after MobileGeddon, the tech community and webmasters have been doing an audit of the update’s impact. Marketers have not noted any significant changes to their sites’ rankings. Reports from around the tech community have indicated that MobileGeddon have not had any significant ranking changes. Representatives from Moz, Seer Interactive, and Search Engine Roundtable have confirmed the minimal changes in the mobile rankings so far. The effects of MobileGeddon have been seen as a whimper.
Why Website Owners Should Not Sit Back And Relax Yet
It is safe to say that majority of the landing pages and websites have escaped the effects of MobileGeddon. However, website owners should not take this to mean business as usual. They should ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly. They should also ensure that the sites are mobile devices optimized for the following reasons:
Google’s update could still be ongoing, and its impact can only be noted over time.
Though Google says that they have completed rolling out the updates, we cannot be sure of the effects. Analysts agree that the April 21 rollout could only be the beginning. Mobile-friendliness is only a small part of the algorithms. How this will interact with the other elements of the algorithm will be seen over time. All websites should conform to the search engine’s requirements.
Mobile Friendly Sites Are Good For Business.
It has been reported and confirmed that mobile devices searches have exceeded desktops searches. Companies that will focus on the smartphone users will stand out more. MobileGeddon or not, it, therefore, makes business sense to ensure that sites offer a pleasant mobile viewing experience.
What MobileGeddon Means For SEO
Webmasters must develop modern multi-device websites. As Google noted, it’s annoying to open a website and find that the site requires browser technologies beyond your device. Starting July 14, 2014, Google started warning US searchers of pages that may not work on their devices. Websites must be easy to navigate on smartphones. As a website owner, you should confirm that your sites are mobile friendly. It’s necessary to test your sites on Google’s Mobile friendly test tool. When building a mobile friendly website, it’s important that developers shift to the universally supported HTML5.
Web sites should Use text that is easy to read without zooming
If your text size is too small, Google crawlers will judge your site as being unfriendly to mobile users. Your content must be readable without the need to double-tap or zoom.
Links Must Be Placed Far Enough Apart
Your touch elements should not be deemed too close. Place links in a way that allows easy tapping of the correct link. Google document requires touch elements to be at a minimum of 5mm apart and 7mm wide. An average adult’s finger size is considered to be five by seven.
Webmasters Must Ensure Fast Website Load Time on Mobile Devices
Mobile device users want a site that loads fast enough on their mobile devices so they do not have to wait a long time. Websites that fail to load quickly may have the following issues:
  • High-resolution images
  • Faulty JavaScript
  • Slow server response time
  • Lack of browser caching
  • Too many landing page re-directs
  • Failure to enable compression
The smartphone user is usually very impatient. He usually gives up when a page takes long to load. Webmasters must look for ways to make their pages load faster.
Mobile App Content Must Be Google Indexable
You should allow Google to index your mobile applications. App developers should take advantage of Google’s step-by-step guide to creating mobile applications that can be easy to index. If your app content is indexed, your mobile search engine rankings will get a boost. If your business relies on mobile apps, it’s important to have the mobile apps SEO optimized.
To the searcher, Google is wholly responsible for his query search results. If user continually gets irrelevant pages or pages that are either unopenable or unreadable, the search engine’s image will suffer. If most of the searches are originating from the smartphone user, then Google will continue punishing websites that are not mobile-friendly. The effects of the MobileGeddon may have been much tamer than anticipated. There was no major loss of traffic for anyone. All this is however not to mean that MobileGeddon has come today and is gone tomorrow. In the future, this problem can become far worse for pages that are not mobile friendly. If your site is not yet mobile-friendly, work to make it friendly. If your site is mobile-friendly, congratulations but continue optimizing it for the smartphone user.
Technology Trends

The Latest Software Trends for 2015

Technology is advancing year by year and all existing software, regardless of the purpose they are serving or their category needs to be updated. To exploit the maximum properties of any software, it needs to be the latest version and for this, the current software trends have to be followed. Even if the changes in software look minute to the common eye, they are very important and essential. So, timely updates for the PC are unavoidable.
Comparison to Previous Years
With the immense growth in technology and advancements in programming-related areas, the past few years have contributed memorable innovations in the fields of software. But many software categories need to be revised and perfected, in order to make it appropriate for a more widespread enterprise and customer use. There have been a myriad of exciting apps and software released in the last few years, and 2015 will provide technology users with even better updates. The flaws or bugs, if any in a program previously released, are checked and corrected before the new versions come out.
Ultra-Modern Software Utilities for 2015 
The present generation is so blessed with technology that computing has reached everywhere, in the day-to-day life. Software that is created for the PC, with its wide range of features, faces a new challenge to fit into modern devices like tablets, notebooks, phones, etc. Internet is made use of in all these modern gadgets, which creates the need for software to be designed suitably. With the advent of smart phones, software development has become even faster, to satisfy the increasing needs of the new devices. Development of more analytic apps is one such creative result in software trends for latest era of computers and devices.
Microsoft Office and Other Programs
Downloading and updating Office software and tools, to deal with the regular affairs on the PC will be advantageous for any user. Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest version available and it has all the necessary programs, with advanced features for business or personal needs. Similarly, the different software used for document preparation, photo editing, paint, spreadsheet, pdf viewer, etc. has to be updated in time. This is important to open all the latest kinds of file types and providing an easier environment to work with computers. The compatibility issues and other troubleshoots can be steered away to a very great extent, by keeping the software updated.
Necessary to Update Antivirus Program
When it comes to expert brains, which develop software with the most modern elements, there is another side of this area. Some people are so focused on developing malicious software like virus, spyware, adware, malware, etc., with the gift of the technology, for mainly monetary benefits. Such software is designed to cause damage to PCs all over the world, and they use newer modes of attack to prevent the antivirus program from stopping it. To defend attack by such harmful software or programs, it is crucial to use the latest 2015 update of Antivirus software. The reviews of performance of such software can be studied and a suitable one can be chosen from among the best like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc. Safeguarding a PC from virus and related issues becomes complete, only by engaging the newest versions of software available in the market.
Microsoft Windows OS Update for 2015
Getting the latest version Microsoft Windows Operating System could help the user explore better features, and newer apps made available. To progress with the computer software and technology, tracking the features released is critical. Test versions of latest operating system, like Windows 10, prior to their commercial release is made available on the web. Millions of software minds are working on a regular basis to develop even better programs. As a result the major and minor faults in any software gets wrapped up on the go. The software including the operating system is made better by analyzing the increasing needs and demands in the respective context. Therefore, using the latest available update and the best app is thus very important, to take full advantage of the 2015 technology.
It is essential to keep PC software updated, so that all the most advanced features of the application can be made use of. Even if reputed software is purchased, like an antivirus package, the need to update to its latest version is inevitable, in order to completely safeguard the PC.
The Narkoza Team
Team Building Strategies

Team Building Exercises and Programs for Businesses

The essence of team building is enhanced productivity. By enhancing the competency of its workforce, a firm can thus promote strategic thinking, better planning, and decision making. The firm that engages its members in teambuilding can thus enhance its chances of attaining its goals. One avenue for realizing these benefits involves the adoption of team building exercises, which are fun, strategic activities that promote the employees’ performance. This article details the top five team building exercises that enhance a firm’s productivity.
Top 5 Team Building Exercises for Business
1. Blind Football
This is an exercise aimed at enhancing communication skills among a team of employees. In this exercise, half of the group wwears a blindfold while the other half acts as a guide onto the goal. Through cooperation, employees learn to direct their colleagues towards a goalmouth in order to score goals. Such a fun-filled exercise further enhances camaraderie among workers, thereby leading to a stronger and healthier team.
2. Mine Field
This exercise is intended to further trusting relationships among co-workers, while testing their communication and listening skills. The exercise involves positioning ‘mines’ in certain spots within a given large area. The mines may take the form of cones or other obstacles. Working in teams of two, with one employee blindfolded, teams navigate around such mines by having one partner verbally directing his or her counterpart around the course, while ensuring that the blindfolded partner avoids the mines. The exercise is thus useful in enhancing communication, which would be essential in the office environment.
3. All Aboard
This exercise involves marking an area, which may be circular, rectangular or any desired shape. For instance, a tarp may be useful in marking the area. The team, with the help of a selected leader, tries to fit within the given area. Over time, the area becomes reduced, meaning that the team has to figure out the best approach to fitting within the smaller space. The exercise continues until the available area is too limited for the team to fit. The exercise strives to enhance team cohesion. It also encourages teams to engage in strategic thinking and planning (important tenets in any business) as they try to figure out the best approach to fitting in the marked area.
4. Eye Contact
Participants in this exercise are paired together and asked to maintain direct eye contact for a defined period. The exercise may cause shy participants to fidget over the prospect of eyeing their colleagues. However, despite the discomfort that the exercise may cause, it encourages workers to become more confident around their colleagues while enhancing their confidence. When employees can confidently articulate matters regarding the well being of the organization, they are better poised to contribute to the firm’s productivity.
5. Scrap Tower
Using notebook size pieces of paper or a magazine and cellophane tape, the participants are divided into teams, each of which strives to build a towering structure that can potentially support a light object placed on top of the tower. This challenge requires careful planning and creativity to execute. Further, each team member needs to take up a given responsibility in order to ensure the project’s success. Such calls to action help in enhancing individual and team responsibility for failure or success.
Evidently, team-building exercises are instrumental in sharpening individual and team-related skills. However, these exercises must adhere to particular qualities or standards, as addressed below.
Effective Team Building Exercise Qualities
The team building exercises should be tailored towards a firm’s challenges- therefore, the role played by a particular program should match the individual firm’s needs. That way, enhancing the team’s competencies leads to overall organizational strength.
· Inclusiveness is an important value driver- team building programs or exercises should be oriented towards ensuring that every employee feels included in the overall team activities. For instance, an employee caring for an elderly parent after work would not feel comfortable exceeding their normal office hours in order to engage in team building exercises that are scheduled after such hours.
· They should embody a challenge- the tools used in a particular business program should encompass a challenge that would enhance the employees’ experience. As such, stretching the employee’s level of thinking and causing them to consider novel approaches to resolving challenging problems would be an ideal learning process. When this is done in a collective environment, it fosters teamwork.
Ultimately, it is the firms mandate to enhance the productivity of its workforce. As such, designing team-building exercises that enhance team effectiveness leads to greater learning and collaboration among employees.
The Narkoza Team